Nicole Armbrust


The Expert With A

Nicole Armbrust, PT, OCS, FAFS, is a physical therapist by training, a runner by choice, and a running analyst for YOU. She is a certified orthopedic specialist from the American Physical Therapy Association, and a Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute.

She has been a runner for more than twenty years - completing "thirty-something" marathons (a 3:15 personal best and 10 Boston Marathon finishes), got her toes wet in the sport of triathlon (completed Ironman Arizona in 2010), and therefore speaks the language of runners.

Clinically, her passion for running prompted specialty focus on runners and movement analysis. Thanks to the Gray Institute, Nicole views the entire body as a series of "triplanar" chain reactions that occur during running. This allows her to examine each runner as an individual - providing each with an education of their muscle imbalances, and a lifetime of knowing their own running mechanics.

Combining her partnership with Noraxon technology, creation of triplanar running expertise, and emphasis on the spirit of running, Nicole is proud to serve you with JumpStartRunning.


There is a disconnect between runners and the medical community: running medicine needs to change from using traditional methods, “just rest”, and medication while runners need to do more than lace up shoes, rack up mileage and “just rest” when injured.

JumpStartRunning stands for runners and those who work with runners. We were created to bridge the gap and change the future of running by means of education, motivation, and celebration.

We promise to deliver scientific information based upon a combination of research, experience and Applied Functional Science®. We take running VERY seriously, and only allow truth and authenticity within our community. We also take laughter, fun, and life seriously – therefore, HOW we bring you information will be a spectrum – sometimes medical, sometimes fun, but ALWAYS through your stories and the spirit of running.