Empowering Women Over 40 to Run Stronger and Healthier.

An education, coaching, and community platform for female masters runners entering their prime.

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I'm Nicole - a 50 year old Masters Runner that happens to be a coach, a performance physical therapist, and menopausal. I GET you, because I AM you. 

I help female masters runners feel good and stay healthy in their changing bodies from the inside out. 


Injuries, recovery time, slower pace, hormonal changes, joint pain, motivation, training adjustments...

As a female masters runner, your body could use a JUMPSTART

Courses - COMING SOON!

Learn and perform the fundamental skills necessary for running, Masters Running for longevity, and mobility is a MUST - expertise available on demand. 


In-person consults in Boulder, CO and virtual consultations from anywhere. Work with me for faster results.



Not sure what to do in addition to running? Want to ensure you don't slip back into injury? Join our community and find your MAX POTENTIAL


Holistic CARE

Integrating expertise from both physical therapy and run coaching ensures a comprehensive approach to running, addressing all aspects of training from physical conditioning to injury care and performance optimization.

Build Efficiency. Earn Longevity.

Invest in your running and your body with a JUMPSTART.


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